Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association

2023 WBCA Membership and Clinic Registration



The WBCA is now accepting 2023 Membership and Clinic registrations online. Beginning in 2022, the WBCA Executive Board made the decision to combine membership with clinic sign-up for our Virtual Clinic. That will continue in 2023 with Membership included for all clinic attendees. There is no longer a Clinic Only option, with our new Staff Rate prices reducing costs significantly. Coaches who cannot attend the clinic may continue to choose the Membership Only option.  It is VERY important that you still identify which members of your staff will actually attend the clinic. This allows us to expedite registration and check-in and have a better idea of the number of clinic attendees. You will be asked a question for each person you register on whether they are attending the clinic or are a Membership Only.

Please note during the registration process you are first required to enter some team information which includes your school and conference. Then select the total number of coaches you are registering, including those that are Membership Only. Next you need to register each coach, including the head coach. It is important that you have the following information for all coaches you are registering: Name, Cell Phone Number, Mailing Address, Email Address. These are required.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. Also please note that you are not finished until you have paid and received an email receipt.

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa or MasterCard information available. Processing fees will be applied to your registration at Checkout.

Coaches who are Hall of Fame members (Lifetime Membership) and attending the clinic, should register as outlined above and will be reimbursed for the membership portion of your payment at a later date.

For the question, "Who are you registering?" at the beginning, it really doesn't matter what you select there; that just may pre-populate some info based on past registrations on the SportsEngine platform. You will actually enter all of your coaches (and yourself) on the following pages.

Clinic Information

Make plans to block off the 2nd weekend of February with the Annual WBCA Clinic to be held on Friday, February 10th and Saturday, February 11th. Make plans to arrive early on Friday as the sessions will now begin at 3PM rather than 4PM as they have in past years. We have also added extra times and promotional events with our approximately 35 vendors. Also, every clinic attendee will receive a free copy of Baseball Wisconsin, our 31st Annual Edition, which is being redesigned and will once again feature every reporting high school and collegiate program in the state. The 2023 Clinic line-up is one of the best group of clinicians we have ever had and offers all of our coaches the opportunity to grow as teachers of the game.

Number of        Cost

  •      1            $125
  •      2            $120 each($240)
  •      3            $115 each($345)
  •      4            $110 each($440)
  •      5            $105 each(525)
  •      6            $100 each(600)
  •      7            $100 each($700)
  •      8            $100 each($800)
  •      9            $100 each($900)
  •     10           $100 each($1000)

Membership Only    $50
**Registrations after Feb. 1st increase $10 per coach
**Membership Deadline is May 1, 2023

Tom Wilson

Treasurer & Membership

Phone: (920) 595-0900