Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association

2024 WBCA Membership



The WBCA is now accepting 2024 Membership  registrations online.

It is important that you have the following information for all coaches you are registering: Name, Cell Phone Number, Mailing Address, Email Address. These are required.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. Also please note that you are not finished until you have completed and entered your payment information and submitted.

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa or MasterCard information available. Processing fees will be applied to your registration at Checkout.

You will need to fill out exactly how many coaches you are registering, including yourself; no more, no less.

NOTE:  Depending on how many coaches you sign up for the Membership & Clinic option, a discount will apply at checkout to match the rates discussed earlier.

Number of        Cost

  •      1            $125
  •      2            $120 each($240)
  •      3            $115 each($345)
  •      4            $110 each($440)
  •      5            $105 each(525)
  •      6            $100 each(600)
  •      7            $100 each($700)
  •      8            $100 each($800)
  •      9            $100 each($900)
  •     10            $100 each($1000)

Membership Only    $50
**Registrations after Feb. 1st increase $10 per coach
**Membership Deadline is May 1, 2024

Tom Wilson

Treasurer & Membership

Phone: (920) 595-0900